The labor force is about 34,000 people. Employers benefit from locating in the area because Kansas is a right-to-work state.

In 1990, only 11.01 percent of Kansas’ manufacturing workforce was unionized. In addition, most new manufacturing and distribution facilities have experienced a Kansas interview-to-hire ratio of 3 to 1.

Sales tax rates in the region range from 4.9% to 6.9%. Property tax rates differ across the region due to local mill levies for school districts, economic development initiatives and other variables.

Approximately 40 percent of the nation’s population lives within 500 miles of the borders of the state of Kansas.

The region has a large number of stable, locally owned financial institutions that include banks, savings and loans, and credit unions.

The cost-of-living and land, construction and housing costs are modest compared to other areas of the United States, especially the East and West coasts.

Real estate firms carry numerous listings of affordable residential, commercial and industrial properties. Residential listings range from single-family homes to retirement apartments and condominiums. Both new and older homes feature the stately elegance of the Victorian era on clean, quiet, tree-lined streets. Gorgeous architectural designs are found on many public buildings and in downtown shopping districts.

Listings of available industrial sites and prevailing wage scales are available upon request.